The David Hughes Podcast ep.37

March 21, 2019

Today I talk about robots and why they can go to hell, as well as a little update on how toilet training is going with my son. Spoiler alert: he’s useless.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.36

March 8, 2019

Today I talk about politicians and how they seem to be up to their politics again. I take a close look at one of those Jenner people and I offer my opinion on lakes.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.35

February 25, 2019

Today I talk about Lightning McQueen and whether he can have sex or not, as well as a few other minor irritations and inconsistencies in the movie world.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.34

February 12, 2019

Today I answer some of your questions and give you a brief rundown on why I’m circumcised.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.33

February 8, 2019

Today I talk about how fast a dinosaur could eat a lasagna and I’ve got brand new intro music courtesy of a very famous musician or band you like.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.32

February 2, 2019

This episode I talk about the pros and cons of being burgled during the day, my sore throat and why people with glasses need to use their eyes more better.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.31

January 24, 2019

Today I talk about my trip to the zoo and I reveal the true height of Keet Potato.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.30

January 22, 2019

It’s been a few weeks but I’m back. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Game of Thrones took longer and nobody said a word.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.29

January 1, 2018

New year, new you listening to a new podcast episode about how I’d murder someone if it were legal & I talk about my New Years resolutions.

The David Hughes Podcast ep.28

December 31, 2017

It’s the last podcast of 2017 so I’ve decided to let you all in on a very special secret about my testicles. Enjoy!